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Job Profile. Matching talent with jobs.
Excellent new tools for Recruiters, Employers and
HR Managers; helping you match and hire the right
person for the job.


Job Match. Itís FREE!
Kick start your recruiting process with precision.
Find out who to target, what to write in a job ad
and how to engage ideal candidates.

My Career Match. Student career profiles.
The ultimate career profile for students - matching
their strengths and personality with careers they
would love.

MCM Library. Itís online @ your library.
A great e-resource for libraries looking to provide
career & resume help to their members. Join us
in supporting your community.

My Resume. Resumes made easy.
Inside secrets to help you write a great resume
that will tell an employer why you are the right
person for the job.

The MyProfile Online Assessment Centre is an
experienced creator of web-based Private Label
Sites that seamlessly integrate into your own
website using our sophisticated software.
Your assessment reports are custom-designed
for your needs and incorporate your logo, colours,
links and special events.

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MyProfile Pty Ltd is Australiaís leading producer
of online assessments for careers and recruitment.
The companyís mission is to help people achieve
happy and successful careers, and to assist
companies identify and attract the best talent.

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