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How to use Myprofile Coupons

You have been issued with coupon codes that can be used at any one of Myprofile’s assessment products. Coupons cannot be used on third party products.

Please follow these instructions. To download a copy of HOW TO USE MYPROFILE COUPONS, click here

Step 1. Go to
Step 2. Select the assessment you wish to complete
Step 3. Click on START PROFILE button located top left menu
Step 5. Enter your DETAILS
Step 7. Answer the Questionnaire by selecting which of ONE of each group of 4 statements is MOST like you and which ONE is LEAST or NOT like you. In other words in each group you can only select ONE MOST and ONE LEAST. After completing each section, click on NEXT SECTION to proceed.

After you have submitted each section you CANNOT GO BACK and re-submit the same section again.

Complete the questionnaire in one session, taking no longer than 15 minutes.

Step 8. When you’ve completed the questionnaire you will be asked to enter your COUPON CODE. Enter the code exactly as given, and click COMPLETE WITH COUPON.

If you have selected Myprofile, Mycoach or Mychild you will be asked to enter the COUPON CODE after you have completed your profile. Mynetworksuccess requires you to enter your coupon code before you begin.

Step 9. You will be notified on screen of a successful completion. Write down your PROFILE REPORT details in case it goes missing and you need a replacement.

You will receive your personal profile by email within 15 - 30 minutes depending on the speed of your connection and the volume of internet traffic in your region.

If you do not receive your report contact us at quoting your profile report code e.g. DP1037 and we will send you a library copy.


Instructions as to how to use Myprofile Coupons.