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Where to sell Myprofile

Myprofile is primarily a business-to-business company. Your best prospects are entities that use or would use, multiple profiles per month as a part of their activities or, the service they provide. Whilst you should sell to individuals, family members and colleagues etc for their personal use, the real money is made when you do business with other businesses.

Myprofile – Job & Careers

This product is designed for pre-employment assessment, employee relationships, communication and team building.

Businesses to prospect are:

Companies with many employees, i.e. multinational, government, councils, state owned enterprises, franchises, retailers, call centers, hotels and resorts, manufactures, IT, telecommunication, media, transport, banks.
Human Resources service providers such as: HR companies and consultants, employment and recruitment firms, internet job boards, career councilors, resume writers, vocational guidance.


This product is designed for coaches and managers to provide in-depth analysis of styles and how to manage and develop talent to maximum potential.

Businesses to prospect are:

Coaches, coaching franchises, management consultants, life coaches, business coaches, executive coaches and mentors, sports coaches, trainers, managers, executives, staff trainers, hr managers, conflict resolution mediators, consultants, business and university leadership programs, churches, sales trainers, training and technical colleges, business colleges.

In fact any business or organization that employs staff and wants to reduce conflict, increase retention and improve management skills.


This product is designed for everyone in sales or sales training, sales management, or hiring sales people.

Businesses to prospect are:

Businesses employing and managing sales representatives, including, retail, real estate, insurance, telecommunications, and outbound call centers, etc


This product is designed for parents and children to improve relationships and to understand children’s potential and career pathways.

Businesses to prospect are:

Social welfare, family clinics, schools, colleges, parent organizations, teachers, churches and ministries, fund raising organizations, career guidance councilors, youth groups, youth support organizations, educational institutes, parenting organizations and services


This product is designed for young people and those wanting a career change. MycareerMatch helps people choose a career based on their natural talents, which is the secret to career satisfaction.

Businesses to prospect are:

Schools, colleges, Universities, Social welfare, family clinics, parent organizations, teachers, churches and ministries, career guidance councilors, youth groups, youth support organizations, educational institutes, parenting organizations and services


This product is designed for direct sales home based businesses providing guidance on sales, prospecting, sponsoring and managing teams.

Businesses to prospect are:

Network marketing and direct sales companies and distributors, MLM leaders, franchises, sales trainers

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