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Become a Network Marketing Superstar Book


Become a Network Marketing Superstar!  By Nathan Chanesman

Your people skills are the secret to your success

Focusing on understanding people as the key to success in direct selling, this new book helps both the seasoned professionals and the novice direct seller to understand their own personality style and the styles of the people they sponsor and sell to. 

As a result sponsoring increases and sales go through the roof!

Here's what you'll discover:

  • Why your people skills are the secrets to your success
  • How your personality can succeed in network marketing and some reasons why its holding you back
  • How to sponsor and sell your way to 'Superstar' success
  • How to build and motivate a Superstar team
  • How to persuade and influence people to help you get what you want
  • How to become a Network Marketing Superstar and build yourself a million dollar busines

This new book leads to network marketer's success

Now available to Network Marketing and Direct Selling groups around the world, BECOME A NETWORK MARKETING SUPERSTAR by NATHAN CHANESMAN is already a best seller and the accompanying superstar TRAINING CDs are amongst some of the best training products available today.  Remember, top network marketers are not born, they're 'made'.

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Superstar Training - Audio CD1


Listen and learn new skills.  With the new Superstar CD Training Program you will learn how to turn goals into action and action into wealth.

On this 'Discover your Personality Style' Audio CD you will discover:

  • How your personality style can succeed in network marketing
  • How to persuade and influence people to get what they want
  • How to identify the four behavioral styles
  • How to 'speed read' others
  • How to discover success strategies of top distributors

A captivating message

By adopting the simple principles outlined in this CD you will understand yourself better and work more effectively with others. You will be able to tailor a unique and captivating message for each individual personaity style.

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Superstar Training - Audio CD 2


Being able to motivate, communicate, train and lead distributors of different personality styles is what being a superstar is all about. 

These are the secrets to building a winning team.

In this CD you will learn the secrets to motivating and building a successful network marketing business. 

You'll learn how to sponsor and sell to styles different to you.  You'll learn how to work with and train each of the four personality styles.  A simple secret really, but only TOP distributors know how to do this.

In the 'Secrets to Building a Winning Team' Audio CD you will learn:

  • How to sponsor and sell your way to Superstar success
  • How to become an effective trainer
  • How to become an inspirational motivator by understanding yourself and others
  • How to become a great leader for all to follow

Learn the strategies of top distributors and build yourself a million dollar business.

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Superstar Training Pack - 5 x 5 x 5


People are your business.  But not every person has good people skills.  Now you can discover why top distributors are earning all the money and how your team can too.

We're introducing a new Superstar Training Pack, available to you at a $100 discount. 

Your SUPERSTAR training pack contains

  • 5 x Become a Network Marketing Superstar best selling books
  • 5 x CD1 Discover your Personality Style - audio 
  • 5 x CD2 Secrets of Building a Winning Team - audio 

Here's what people are saying about Nathan Chanesman's new book and audio training:

"Clear, concise and informative ... like a great mentor, this book and CDs are valuable aids in building your network marketing business"  Vince Madden, Managing Director MLM Magazine & Extra Income Magazine

"Success in network marketing is a function of understanding people's wants and needs and contributing to them with your opportunity.  These Superstar products offer key insights to human nature that are so important for you to know in this people business".  Dr Joe Rubino, CEO of and author of 11 best selling books including 'The 7 Step System to Building a $1,000,000 Network Marketing Dynasty".

"A great tool to propel your business and a 'must read' for everyone that has committed to the journey to financial freedom" Mike Allen, Gold Presidential Director, Mannatech Australia

Order your training pack today and SAVE $100.


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