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Three Myprofile (Paper Profile) Workbooks to choose from - for relationships & communication, sales or careers. 

Myprofile Personality Profile Workbook & Online Assessment

The foundation of personal and professional success lies in knowing your strengths, understanding others, and realizing the impact of your personal behavior on others – at work, at home and in your community.

These simple tools can help you to develop valuable relationship skills and improved team productivity.

Here's what you get when you order:

  • The Myprofile Personality Profile (Paper Version Workbook)
  • A Myprofile Online Report (Free Coupon code)
  • Easy to answer response page with 24 questions
  • Easy to understand MYPROFILE RESULTS
  • Easy to understand, yet comprehensive information on each personality style
  • A coupon code (valued at $50) for you to do an online personality assessment of your choice (for work, relationships, sales, careers or coaching).

You receive a 20+ page self-assessment workbook designed to complement and supplement existing training programs and online assessments.  Inside each workbook are clear instructions for discovering your personality style and guidelines for interpreting your results.





The MYPROFILE WORKBOOK is a self-assessment learning tool, commonly referred to as a behavioral profile or personality style profile. 


The 24 question MYPROFILE PERSONALITY PROFILE is not a 'test' that you can pass or fail.  It is easy to take and score, and indicates your preferred behavior patterns and tendencies within four dimensions. 


Myprofile uses four behavioral identifiers and any four in a number of combinations can be used to define a person’s behavioral or personality style. 



The preferred behaviors expressed across four primary styles are:

Decisive and Direct

Drivers have a high desire to achieve. They are self-motivated, independent, and highly individualistic. They like a fast paced environment. They enjoy the competition and the challenge. Most of all they want to be in control. They want to do it their way. Drivers are action-oriented people who want to do it now.

Outgoing and Optimistic

Promoters are independent out going individuals who like socializing and meeting people. They are enthusiastic and optimistic. They enjoy conversations and being the centre of attention. They make friends easily and are inspirational leaders and popular work colleagues. Promoters have a gift of working with people.

Sympathetic and Accommodating

Supporters are dependable, practical and kind people. They’re patient. They want to help others. They prefer to work in teams and they dislike rapid change. They prefer a secure and constant environment that’s free of conflict. Supporters are very family oriented and keep the world running.  

Precise and Accurate

Analysers are perfectionists who look to systems, rules and order within a structured environment. They are accurate and precise. They are reserved, detailed and logical and follow the rules and standards. Analysers are creative people who are very good at problem solving 

Here’s what others have to say about the benefits of using MYPROFILE

“Thanks a million!  We had a whole team session on the results we have accumulated with the 'Myprofile' test results. All our staff/team loves it and it has been a tremendous help to us. Receiving the Myprofile workbook completed what we had in mind for this team session. At the end we all have a greater understanding of each others make up, habits, traits and what excites and deflates us. Understanding the make up of all here at G.O is the key to a harmonious relationship and we are really going great”. Thanks once again.

Brian Goodeve, Gullotta Orthodontics, Australia 


“We use Myprofile for our call centre assessments and to improve customer relationships. We’ve reduced staff turnover and saved thousands of dollars in wrong hires. This product is absolutely essential for identifying which personality style is right for call centre jobs’

Mark Haines, Mannatech International, USA  


“We use Myprofile for our team training and coaching. We use a combination of the workbooks and the online profiles and this gives us valuable insights into how we can work together towards improved productivity and better relationships.  Depending on whether we focus on personal development, leadership or sales training, Myprofile has a product that suits our needs”.

Craig Young, CEO, A-DEC Pty Ltd, Sydney


The MYPROFILE PERSONALITY PROFILE WORKBOOK will help people in your organization

  • Improve communication skills by determining the behavioral styles of others in the team    
  • Discover behavioral strengths and value the strengths of others
  • Understand behavioral tendencies in a manageable and systematic way
  • Foster teamwork and minimize conflict to increase team productivity  
  • Create a forum in which an open discussion about personality differences is encouraged
  • Develop strategies to meet diverse needs
  • Develop strategies and skills that will mend or improve the quality of interpersonal relationships within a social setting
  • Develop effective managers 
  • Enhance coaching and mentoring skills – Myprofile is a great tool to use for coaching and mentoring! 

Use THE MYPROFILE WORKBOOKS for the following business needs

  • Communication / Conflict Management
  • Teamwork / Team Building
  • Leadership
  • Productivity
  • Stress / Change
  • Customer Relations / Sales
  • Managing / Coaching / Mentoring

For workshops, one MYPROFILE WORKBOOK is required for each participant.  Each workbook includes an ONLINE COUPON CODE (valued at $50) to be used before or after your seminar.

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Myprofile SALES SUCCESS Workbook & Online Assessment


Build dynamic sales teams 

Do you want to maximize your team's performance?  Are your selling skills in need of a tune up?  Have you been promoted and need assistance in your team building and sales training?

This new sales training tool helps salespeople communicate better and immediately improves their sales relationship skills. 

PLUS ... MY SALES SUCCESS workbooks give your sales people a distinct competitive advantage in any sales situation. They will

  • Understand their sales personality style
  • Identify and understand their customer's buying style 
  • Adapt their personality style to meet their customer's needs

In an interactive workbook format for maximum involvement for sales training, this Sales Success Workbook is designed for use in one-on-one coaching and in sales training seminars and workshops.  

The outcomes of using these Sales Success workbooks and online assessments are:

  • Significantly increase sales and profits
  • Improve relationship selling skills 
  • Successfully evaluate and select new salespeople
  • Understand your customers and build new relationships with them
  • Develop closing propositions tailored to suit each customer
  • Coach sales teams and individuals for maximum results
  • Reward accord to individual motivators

Build dynamic sales teams with Myprofile's newest workbooks and online sales assessments.

For workshops, one MYPROFILE SALES SUCCESS WORKBOOK is required for each participant.  Each workbook includes an online coupon code (valued at $50).  


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Myprofile CAREER MATCH Workbook & Online Assessment


Careers - Finding Life's Direction  

Before you begin your life’s journey you need to know who you are, what you stand for, and how personality will influence your future decisions.
In an interactive workbook format for maximum involvement of participants, these workbooks are designed for use in career counselling, coaching, seminars and in workshops. 
Each CAREER MATCH Workbook includes
  • An overview of the four personality styles  
  • Career opportunities for each style
  • Career matching – are you good with tasks or good with people
  • Your personal profile explained
  • Your work related strengths and natural talents
  • What you would bring to a job
  • Ideal Career environment for you
  • Your personal strengths and possible weaknesses
  • How to choose the career path that’s right for you
  • Action Planner  
This workbook forms ‘the complete picture’ for students after they complete their online profile. It gives them a hands-on approach to understanding their personality style and how this helps them find the perfect career. 
This is a great tool for careers advisers, councillors, teachers and coaches.
Each workbook includes an online coupon code for students to complete their assessment online, valued at $50. 


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Price: $45.00

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