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If you are a candidate and your recruiter has asked
you to complete a MyProfile assessment
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Higher Education Student Recruitment

MyCareerMatch Recruit, smarter, efficient, cost effective, lead generation tools for higher education student recruitment and engagement

High Schools and Secondary School Colleges
is a leader in online student  career profiles, matching students’ strengths and   personality with careers that best suit.

Public Libraries

MyCareerMatch @ Your Library
is a great  e-resource for libraries looking to provide online  career and resume help to members.

Discover Me

An exciting self-discovery, wellness and career program for children ages 10 - 14, builds self-confidence and respect for others.


If you are a further or higher educator - large or
small - we can create a Private Label Assessment
Site for you to match student personalities and
strengths to courses you offer. To turbo-charge
your recruitment, you can also purchase
student and adult leads directly from us.

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MyProfile Pty Ltd is Australia’s leading producer
of online assessments for careers and recruitment.
The company’s mission is to help people achieve
happy and successful careers, and to assist
companies identify and attract the best talent.

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