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In most families, children are quite different from one another – and their parents. What works for one, doesn’t necessarily work for the other. Discovering a child’s behavioural and personality style can greatly assist you in becoming the best parent or teacher for that particular child.

Mychild Behavioural Reports will help you:

  • Create a harmonious and rewarding partnership with your child
  • Reduce the number of conflicts at home and in the classroom
  • Help children get along better with their friends and classmates
  • Identify a child’s natural gifts
  • Recognise areas for motivation and growth
  • Improve your relationship and communication skills

Mychild is designed to help you communicate more effectively with your child or children. Understanding each child’s personal style will prevent unwanted clashes and conflicts.

Know Yourself First

We encourage parents, guardians and teachers to first complete their own behavioural assessment to gain a better understanding of why you behave the way you do. Each style may cause conflict and stress in other styles and your ability to adjust is essential if you are to maintain harmony at home and in the class room.

Our children are not like us

For most parents their children are not like them. One of the common mistakes parents make is to assume their children are like them. For most parents this is not the case. Their children do not share the same way of coping with conflict, managing time, setting priorities, forming relationships, career paths or the way they handle their emotions. These differences are the prime cause of conflict and disharmony. These behavioural style differences if not understood create dysfunctional families and often reflect on the child’s poor performance at school.


Discover Your Child's Behavioural Style

Every child has one dominant style that determines the way they behave. This style is constant throughout their lives and sets the basis for how they will form relationships with other people. Most children also have a secondary style and when combined with the dominant style creates the child’s personality.

We have named these four dominant styles:

For Children   For Adults

What Does it Cost?

You will need ONE coupon code per assessment. The cost per coupon is $38.00

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