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Catering for people with disabilities

Myprofile is an online program requiring access to a device connected to the internet.

This would require the user to be able to carrying out the functions required such as, English language skills, comprehension, vision and hand dexterity (to use a mouse or touch screen) to select answers to questions appearing on the device. 

If users have disabilities that prevent them from going online and completing, Myprofile provides a paper-based questionnaire which can be completed in consultation with and on their behalf and having done so, enter online by an assistant, carer or recruiter to generate the report.

The report is delivered in PDF format and can be read aloud by ADOBE software or other voice activation software installed on the userís device.  

Click to download hardcopy Myprofile questionnaire

Disability Confident Recruiter - for recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies play an important role within the employment cycle. You connect talented and skilled individuals to organisations with available roles.

However, if barriers exist in your recruitment process, people with disability may not have the opportunity to connect with employers, and your client will not have access to the entire talent pool.

Becoming disability confident will enable you to ensure skilled candidates with disability are able to apply for roles.

Click to find out more visit Australian Network on Disability website.


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