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Myprofile Frequently Asked Questions

Myprofile is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How long does the assessment take?
Most people complete in less than 15 minutes.

How much does a Myprofile report cost?
Depending on volume, the price is $50 for single assessment, $36.50 if youíre purchasing 10 assessments and discounted further to $28.50 for 25 or more

How do I purchase a report coupon to do my assessment?
To purchase Coupons go to Purchase Reports.

How valid and reliable are reports?
Myprofile assessments are based on research and validation over 60 years. Behavioural style assessments are in the public domain and have been validated since the 1920ís. Myprofile has completed over 550,000 reports and we have a reliability of greater than 95% accuracy.

What does Myprofile assess?
Myprofile assesses your behavioural style. It identifies your personality style as being predominately Driver, Promoter, Supporter or Administrator or a combination of these. Your style determines how you interact with others, what career choices are best for you, how you communicate and your value to the organization. For an example of a report go to myprofile-sample.pdf .

How long does it take after I complete the assessment to receive my report?
Less than 5 minutes. Reports are sent to your email address immediately on completion.

Do I need special software to do my assessment or
read my reports?

Reports are sent in PDF format. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If you donít have this software it is available for free and you can download a copy from 

Does Myprofile work in different cultures and countries?
Yes. Myprofile does not ask for or require information on gender, race or religion. It measures the responses to questions that determine your behavioural style. There are no right or wrong answers and you cannot pass or fail.

How do I know if Iím hiring the right person?
First thing you should do is complete a job profile. Job Profiler determines the behavioural style of the job and because you are setting the benchmark for the ideal candidate itís suitable for any country. Match the candidateís style with that of the job. The closer the match the more likely the candidate will be more successful in this particular job.

Why do candidates receive their report?
Transparency. The candidate should be able to read what youíre reading. If they are unhappy about any aspect of their reported style they can raise it with you. It also provides candidates with a service from your organization. All reports have your company name and details.

If I donít want candidates to receive their report what can I do
In some countries our clients prefer that candidates NOT receive a report. They prefer to present to them in person at the interview stage. We can disable the automatic email to the user and send only to your email address.

Does Myprofile keep copies of reports?
Myprofile does not keep copies of candidate reports. If a report goes astray we cannot send you a copy of the original. However if you have the report number we can send you a copy from our report library. These reports do not have the name of the candidate or your company details.

How does Myprofile know where to send the report copy?
Myprofile pass codes and coupon codes have your email address embedded in the code. Using Coupons, one email address is used for the copy to go to. In the case of Pass Codes each pass code has their own personalized email address.

Why does Myprofile send a confirmation email?
Confirmation emails contain details of the report, user, date etc. It does not contain a copy of the report just information about the report including report codes and reference numbers. The purpose is to keep a record of the details in case reports are lost or deleted.

If anythingís not right or if I want more information
who do I contact?

Send an email to  and weíll get back to you ASAP.


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