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Myprofile Report Features

A person’s ability to perform tasks reflects their knowledge, skill and experience. Their willingness, desire and suitability to perform those tasks reflect their behavioural preferences. Myprofile identifies behavioural styles and predicts whether this person is the best person for the job.

Myprofile uses four behavioral style identifiers. People are a combination of all four styles, however one or two are more dominant and these govern your actions and responses. Myprofile graphs each style by percentage so you can see behavioral style intensity. Whilst there are four basic styles, Myprofile's library of reports extends to over 550 variations.

Myprofile reports include:

  • A profile summary for each applicant
  • Style Graphs indicating intensity of each behavioural dimension
  • Preferred working conditions for this person
  • How to communicate effectively for maximum performance
  • Key behavioural traits
  • Value to the organisation
  • Career choices that best suit this person’s behavioural style
  • Management style and strengths
  • Work Style Review
  • Is this person a good ‘fit’ for the job

You can view a sample of the report by clicking on Report sample PDF.

Behavioral Identifiers & Career choices

  • Drivers (D)
    Drivers have a high desire to achieve. They are self-motivated, independent and highly individualistic. They are fast paced and enjoy a competitive and challenging environment which they want to control. They are great tacticians and have creativity in arts where they can express their freedom and individuality. Suitable jobs: Fashion designers, business managers, self employed, consultants, pilots, radio or TV, sales, musicians, directors, chefs and entrepreneurs.
  • Promoters (P)
    Promoters are independent and outgoing individuals who like to socialize and meet people. They are enthusiastic and optimistic. They enjoy conversation and being the centre of attention. They make friends easily and are inspirational and popular. Promoters have a gift of working with people and careers that allow them to express their creativity, enthusiasm and intuition are best suited. Suitable jobs: advertising, hospitality, HR, recruitment, PR, life coaches, sales & marketing and teaching.
  • Supporters (S)
    Supporters are dependable, practical and kind people. They are patient and want to help others. They prefer to work in teams and dislike rapid changes. They prefer a secure and constant environment free of conflict. Supporters work at a slower pace and are very family oriented. Supporters have a great talent for logistics, schedules and distribution. Jobs such as, health, medical, police, customs, dentists, lecturers , Personal Assistants, telemarketing, therapists, office manager and project engineers.
  • Administrators (A)
    Administrators are perfectionists who look to systems, rules and order within a structured environment. They are accurate, precise, reserved, detailed, and logical and follow rules and standards. They are creative and good at problem solving. Administrators tend to do well at jobs relating to maths, computers, engineering, science and careers that require technical competence, information management, research and planning skills. Jobs such as, IT, accounting, architecture, biologist, electrician, engineer, dentists, planners, medical technology and agriculture.



Don’t make another hiring mistake! Ask for a Myprofile free trial and decide for yourself.

“Myprofile has been a great success in helping understand others around us and ourselves. We have reduced conflict and communicate better. As a result we have greater harmony and a terrific team spirit”.

“We have made it a policy that all applicants who attend an interview do the Myprofile assessment. We now adopt this as part of our interview process and found it most useful”

“It’s amazingly accurate. All the consultants in our company evaluated Myprofile before becoming clients and we were astounded at how accurately it portrayed our personalities”.





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