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Use the latest online assessment tools to find the right person for the job

Why do some people just love their job and others can’t wait to quit? Because every job requires a specific behavioral style for it to be done successfully. The person whose behavioral style and talent matches the profile of the job will do that job the best. They’ll be the perfect ‘fit’ for the job.

How can you tell whether a person will be a good ‘fit’ for the job BEFORE you employ them? Good question. And if you make a mistake, what is the cost?

By placing the right person in the job from the start, you eliminate costly hiring mistakes, and improve effectiveness in the workplace. Myprofile will help you achieve all these things.

The benefits of using Myprofile

Myprofile assists you to

  • Quickly identify whether the candidate is a good ‘job match’
  • Match the best candidate for each particular job
  • Improve placement success
  • Put forward candidates with the right attitude and ability to succeed in the job
  • Market your candidate to your clients
  • Add value to your recruitment services
  • Keep up with the latest trends in recruitment products

Myprofile will help you to:

  • Avoid costly hiring mistakes
  • Employ people with the right attitude
  • Reduce conflict and workplace stress
  • Understand what motivates your employees
  • Improve team performance
  • Maximize your employees’ strengths and talents

Designed for recruitment, Myprofile reports feature:

  • A short and concise behavioral profile of the candidate
  • The candidate’s value to the organization
  • How effective the candidate will be on the job
  • Are they a good ‘fit’ for the job
  • Extra information on validation and behavioral styles

Don’t be left behind.

Today, most companies are moving toward using pre-employment assessments as part of their hiring process. Find out how easy it is to manage your recruitment selection with Myprofile.

If the cost of other assessment services is out of your budget, then talk to us about our Unlimited Site Licenses. We’ll find a plan that suits your budget.

And while you’re visiting with us, why not check out our other products for sales training and staff coaching - MySalesSuccess and MyCoach.


Don’t make another hiring mistake! Ask for a Myprofile free trial and decide for yourself.

Myprofile helps you find the best people for the job.

Hundreds of Recruitment Companies and HR Managers are already using Myprofile every day to find the right person, with the right attitude and the best talent.

Our clients tell us that MYPROFILE is one of the fastest, most cost effective and easiest ways to identify the best candidate for the job.


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