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In most families, children are quite different from one another – and their parents. What works for one, doesn’t necessarily work for the other.

Discovering a child’s behavioural and personality style can greatly assist you in becoming the best parent or teacher for that particular child. To help you identify your child's style we have segmented behavioural styles into four dominant groups, Adventurers, Socialisers, Helpers and Thinkers. Each has its own peculiar traits which can cause stress in people of other styles and each has its strengths and areas of improvement.

You can view a sample of one such report by clicking here.

Mychild reports tell you:

  • What style your child is
  • How to motivate that style
  • How to create a positive climate at home and at school
  • How to communicate with that style
  • How to resolve conflicts
  • How that style best learns
  • Job and career choices that suit that style
  • How to encourage that style
Adventurers are always looking for excitement and can’t sit still. They want to test their limits and enjoy anything that goes fast. They are natural born risk takers who act bold and are often hyperactive. They want to take control and be in charge. They may not follow the rules, and are not interested in a tidy room or remembering schedules.
Socialisers have a vivid imagination and sense of fantasy. As young children they love to have stories read to them. They live in a world of make believe. Socialiser are emotional people and use their gut instinct. They talk a lot. They are enthusiastic and can be oversensitive. They enjoy
harmony and peace and want to make the world a better place.
Helpers are naturally concerned and responsible children. They follow the rules and are happy to please others. They respect their elders, parents and teachers. They are dependable. At home Helpers are busy kids. They enjoy being given responsibility for tasks. At school they do well and work hard. They worry about change and prefer routines. Helpers love their home and family. They are orderly and tidy. They volunteer for community and class work.
Thinkers are precise, neat and tidy. They enjoy figuring out how things work and ask lots of questions. They are non aggressive and avoid conflict. They excel at subjects that require thoughtful, logical and creative solutions. They hate taking risks and are not spontaneous or outwardly enthusiastic. Thinkers are perfectionists and set high standards.

Mychild reports are easy to read and understand. Each report contains excellent
advice on how to deal with each style and why people
of that style behave the way they do. You will discover
your child's profile and
dominant style and benefit
from improved relationships
as a result of implementing
the guide. The careers
section will help you channel your child's interests toward
a career that suits them.


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