Coaching & Profile Reports

Mycoach delivers two behavioural reports. Both reports used together provide a powerful tool for coaching and working with others.

1. Personal Profile is a summary report that describes a personís behavioural style.
View a sample Client Profile report.

2. Coaching Guide is a 17 page report containing detailed information on how best to communicate and work with that particular behavioural style.
View a sample Coaching Guide.

Profile Reports

Profile reflects your behavioural style. Reports are easy to read, reliable, and contain valuable information that will help you understand yourself and how others see you.

Reports contain,

  • Your personal style
  • Key words that describe you
  • How to improve your effectiveness
  • Your strengths and weaknesses
  • Career opportunities best suited to you.

Coaching Guide

The Coaching Guide is your guide on how you should coach and motivate others. It answers the question of how to work with and coach people of styles different to yours.

Information vital to your coaching success, such as;

  • Understanding behavioural styles.
  • Modifying your own style to improve your effectiveness as a coach
  • How to inspire styles different to yours
  • Understanding essential behavioural differences
  • How to coach, train, mentor and advise each style.
  • Career Guide and best job for each style.
  • Working preferences
  • Decision making
  • Styles under stress
  • Style strengths and weaknesses
  • Thinking and Acting styles
  • Learning Styles
  • Coaching Teams

To read reports, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader

For reasons of virus protection and security Mycoach delivers reports in a PDF format and to read you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can obtain a copy for free at the Adobe web site -


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