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Before you commence your assessment please take a moment to read this information. Behavioural reports are created from your response to statements we ask you in the questionnaire.

You will need to have a Coupon Code number to complete the assessment. If you do not have a coupon code, click here.

Mycoach Reports are sent by email immediately after you have completed the assessment. Reports are sent as PDF documents and you will require Adobe Acrobat to read.

Mycoach Assessment

Things you should know before you start your profile

  1. Focus on an at work environment when responding to the questionnaire.
  2. Ask yourself when considering your response, “how do I behave at work”. People respond and act differently in different environments and Mycoach will reflect that environment in your report.
  3. This is a profile NOT a test. There are no right or wrong answers and you cannot pass or fail.
  4. Complete the report in less than 15 minutes. Don’t over analyse or dwell on your response too long. Your first reaction is usually the best response.
  5. Make the selection yourself and avoid asking your partner or friend what they think you are. It is important that you answer the questions honestly.
  6. You cannot go back to a previous section once you have clicked on the Next Section button. Do not use the Back button on your internet browser.

The Questionnaire

You will be presented with 32 questions. Each question describes an event at work and asks you to choose a sentence that MOST accurately describes you at work and which sentence LEAST accurately describes you at work. For each group of four statements you can only choose ONE that is MOST like you and ONE that is LEAST like you.

Example Questions

...there are no wrong answers. So relax, take
your time and answer truthfully.

In less than 15 minutes
you will discover your
behavioural style that
identifies your strengths
and your weaknesses.
Let’s face it, we’re not all
good at everything so
knowing what you are
good at will help you ....


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