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Purchasing Report Coupons

The first step to discovering your Sales profile is to purchase your report coupons.

Coupon is the term we use to identify the access code required to complete an assessment online, and receive your profile report. You can purchase coupons now and use them later to complete your assessment. The coupons are also transferable to anyone you choose.
Coupons can be purchased online using AMEX, VISA, MASTERCARD or DINERS credit cards. Coupon Fees are tabled below. All transactions are in Australian dollars and for Australian businesses, includes GST.

Your privacy

Your credit card details are private. Myprofile uses a secure third party credit card provider called eWay to process payments. To visit eWay go to 

After the transaction is authorised by eWay you will receive by email the number of report coupon codes ordered. You will also receive instructions on How to Use Myprofile Coupons and your receipt.

Receiving your coupon codes

Depending on your internet service provider and speed of connection, you should receive your coupon codes within 30 minutes. If you encounter any difficulties or delays report these to

Coupons $50.00 each.
For orders of 10 or more coupons, please contact us for pricing.

To place an order please email:

Our appologies for any inconvenience


Enter your details here to purchase your report coupons.

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