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Report Features

My Sales Success reports are easy to read, reliable and contain valuable information that will help you improve sales effectiveness. You can view a sample of the report by clicking on Report Sample PDF

For reasons of virus protection and security My Sales Success delivers reports in a PDF format and to read you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can obtain a copy for free at the Adobe web site -

Each report is personalized and contains information vital to your sales success, including

  • Why it’s important to know about behavioural and personality styles
  • Your selling style and intensity and how it impacts on your success
  • Ideal sales jobs for you
  • Personal success characteristics
  • Your sales strengths (and weaknesses)
  • Managing your style

Each style can be successful at sales

Each style can succeed at sales, it depends on what you are selling and whether your selling style is compatible with the products you represent and the time it takes to make a sale.

Without this knowledge, you cannot reach your full sales potential. By completing a My Sales Success assessment you will achieve greater success in your sales career.

Sales Style Summary

Drivers prefer quick decisions and bottom line results and use fact not emotion to make the sale. They don’t like long sales cycles or detailed technical sales. Drivers prefer to sell on benefits and the ‘big picture’.

Promoters prefer quick decisions and use emotion. They sell using benefits and the ‘big picture’. Promoters are people oriented and relationship based. Unstructured and not good with details. They focus on the present and the future and are visual and imaginative.

Supporters prefer to cooperate with customers and are willing to hang in for long sales cycles requiring nurturing relationships and those requiring detailed information. They process logically and present the same way. Personable but can easily be discouraged.

Analysers prefer to sell based on technical information, structured and logical presentations that go into detail. Sales are made at a slower pace and customers are not pushed into deciding quickly. Well organized and prepared, Analysers are best where good people skills are not required and where products are more conservative and technical.


Unlock the keys to your sales success

Accurate, fast and easy to use and understand, My Sales Success quickly unlocks the keys to your sales success and improves your communication and relationships selling skills.

If you need additional information or would like to speak to us about how implementing My Sales Success into your company’s training programs will improve the relationship selling skills of your sales reps, register your interest here and we will contact you.

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